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Siesta Classic

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Siesta Classic

True to its origin and to Ingmar Relling’s original idea of the SIESTA chair – an elegant design, an optimized use of materials and an outstanding comfort.

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Design and function

The soft cushions make SIESTA CLASSIC the typical easy chair, but the light frame gives the chair a beautiful sense of lightness. Together, the cushions and the slightly flexible frame ensure a very high level of seating comfort. The result? SIESTA CLASSIC is the perfect seat for relaxation, the perfect spot for a classic siesta.


A Norwegian icon

In 1965 Ingmar Relling designed his greatest creation: the SIESTA chair. The chair played an important part of the Norwegian furniture industry’s growth and international success in the mid 1900s. Today SIESTA stands out as an internationally recognised classic and a Norwegian icon.

Ingmar Relling


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Siesta Classic

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High without armrests

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Black canvas / black oak

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Vintage - Cognac

Vintage - Rangers

Vintage - Black Soft


Prescott - Ivory

Prescott - Lamb

Prescott - Hezelnut

Prescott - Chestnut

Prescott - Swamp

Prescott - Greyshadow

Prescott - Black Ink

Hemsen Anilin

Hemsen Anilin - Sand

Hemsen Anilin - Brown

Hemsen Anilin - Black


Dunes - Camel

Dunes - Cognac

Dunes - Rust

Dunes - Dark Brown

Dunes - Anthrazite

Elmo Rustical

Elmo Rustical - Tan

Elmo Rustical - Dark Brown

Elmo Rustical - Green

Elmo Rustical - Blue

Elmo Rustical - Red

Elmo Rustical - Grey

Elmo Rustical - Black


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Designer: Ingmar Relling

Product sheet: Download product sheet — 3 MB




Canvas and frame