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Siesta Fiora

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Siesta Fiora

Simplicity, minimalism and functionality represented in one chair.

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Sculptural silhouette

The eye-catching, sculptural silhouette gives SIESTA FIORA an elegant, sleek appearance and makes the chair easily adapt to any room or space without losing its great comfort and distinctive character. Once you have tried it, you will without a doubt fall in love.


Simplicity and functionality

SIESTA FIORA was launched in 2005 to celebrate Siesta’s 40th anniversary. SIESTA FIORA stands out as an icon where simplicity, minimalism and functionality are all represented in one chair. To Ingmar Relling, the correlation between design and function was always essential, and SIESTA FIORA is no exception.

Ingmar Relling


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Siesta Fiora

from NOK 10.593,00
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High without armrests

High with armrests

Low without armrests


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Black canvas / black oak

Nature canvas / lacquered oak

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Vintage - Cognac

Vintage - Rangers

Vintage - Black Soft


Prescott - Ivory

Prescott - Lamb

Prescott - Hezelnut

Prescott - Chestnut

Prescott - Swamp

Prescott - Greyshadow

Prescott - Black Ink

Hemsen Anilin

Hemsen Anilin - Sand

Hemsen Anilin - Brown

Hemsen Anilin - Black


Dunes - Camel

Dunes - Cognac

Dunes - Rust

Dunes - Dark Brown

Dunes - Anthrazite

Elmo Rustical

Elmo Rustical - Tan

Elmo Rustical - Dark Brown

Elmo Rustical - Green

Elmo Rustical - Blue

Elmo Rustical - Red

Elmo Rustical - Grey

Elmo Rustical - Black


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Designer: Ingmar Relling

Product sheet: Download product sheet — 2 MB




Canvas and frame