Our story - Hjelle

Our story


You’re not like everyone else. Neither are we. You won’t find us in every home, in every store, or in every office. We’re among the few Norwegian furniture manufacturers who still design and craft our furniture at our own factory. We’ve been doing that since the 40s. And we’ll continue to do so, right here in Sykkylven, the country’s furniture capital.

Our position is “The uncommon one.” It’s meant to inspire all our employees. They should stand up and look forward to challenging the norm. It should also inspire our customers, designers, and retailers.

We make products built to last. In fact, no one should want or need to throw away an LK Hjelle product. That’s our vision. And it ensures that we always double-check that the screws are tight, that we choose the best suppliers, and that we make it easy for our customers to have their furniture repaired, so they get renewed life and can bring joy to many, many, many…


Imagine falling in love. With a piece of beautiful furniture.
You buy it.
It gets used every day. For many years.
You get older. The furniture ages too.
It acquires marks. You develop wrinkles. You replace parts.
Well, not on yourself, but on the furniture.
Over time, a grandchild visits. Their eyes light up.
They sit down. And they also fall in love.
They inherit it. Because you know how long it will endure
– and how much joy it will bring. Besides, you bought two.

We call it Long-lasting love.