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Arena – sit back, relax, and enjoy: comfort guaranteed

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Please, take a seat

Arena boasts a timeless design that effortlessly adapts to any style and interior. Its ergonomic cushions offer a one-of-a-kind seating experience, setting it apart from the crowd and letting you lounge comfortably for hours. With a variety of configurations available, you can tailor Arena to create your ideal sofa.


The perfect everyday sofa

ARENA is easily adapted to your individual needs by a numerous of opportunities thanks to a great number of different lengths, seating heights and options such as corner unit and chaise longue. Arena is available with armrests in width 7, 14 or 24 cm. No wonder ARENA is a popular sofa among our customer – and most likely ARENA is the perfect everyday sofa for you too.

Dag Hjelle


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85 cm


78 cm (std. legs h 15 cm)

Seat height

42 cm (std. legs h 15 cm)

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The textile/leather options displayed on the right are just examples. We offer a wide range of colors and materials. To see the full collection please visit your local Hjelle dealer.

1. Choose model×

2 seater – 98 cushion, 7 arm

2 seater - 114 cushion, 7 arm

2 seater – 98 cushion, 14 arm

2 seater – 98 cushion, 24 arm

2 seater + chaiselounge right

Cornersofa - 7 arm

2. Choose fabric×

Amdal 180

Bardal 220

Bardal 620

Capture 5101

Cognac - Vintage

Fiord 151

Hallingdal 227

Smooth Pacific 59

Tromsvik 01

Tromsvik 84

3. Choose legs×

Angular chrome

Angular matte black

Slender cylinder matte black

Cylinder oak low

Cylinder oak tall

Square oak low

Square oak tall

Details for your selection


85 cm


78 cm (std. legs h 15 cm)

Seat height

42 cm (std. legs h 15 cm)