Artist Joy Kinna and her Siesta Ovis - Hjelle

Artist Joy Kinna and her Siesta Ovis

Joy Kinna is a freelance artist living and working just outside of Vancouver, BC Canada. Joy has always been enthralled by the experience of art making itself. The feeling of her hands engaging with the materials, the moments before and after mark making, and the subtle shifts in seeing the natural world around her. This correlates with Hjelle´s way of working as well. Art and design is the core of any interior or space, and Joys art and Hjelle´s pieces goes hand in hand.

Joy has a very special connection to Hjelle. Her grandmothers sister was married to one of the Hjelle founders and have therefore been surrounded by Hjelle pieces all her life. Now she is the proud owner of the new Siesta variant: Siesta Ovis.

“As a kid growing up, I would go to my grandma’s house often for family gatherings. It was the hub for celebrations and get-togethers. Her home was always filled with warmth, good food, beautiful and unique furniture, beautiful artwork and dishes. Certain furniture pieces always caught my eye and I was drawn to them to sit and rest in.”

“When I moved out into my own home my grandma offered me one of my favorite chairs of hers. This was the piece that I was drawn to so often and had many memories on as a kid. It was the siesta chair from Hjelle. This Siesta chair has been in my family for years. My Grandma is Liv Grete Standal, and her sister was married to one of the founders of Hjelle so she was a proud owner of a few of Hjelle’s early pieces. Now I have the privilege of having this beautiful chair in my home, for my family to experience and rest in. It’s one of my favorite pieces of furniture, and quality furniture lives forever.”

Joy is not the only proud owner. In our Oslo showroom you will find one of her pieces, here together with the Ami sofa. The piece ties the whole display together nicely and is the perfect finishing touch.