Craftsmanship - Hjelle


Our company runs on family lines. Our passion for long-lasting furniture and our pride in making first-class craftsmanship were passed down from our forefathers. High quality and comfort was vital to the first generation, and they are still one of the most important part of our heritage. True craftsmanship runs in our blood.

The employees at Hjelle have delivered furniture to the quality-conscious customer for over 80 years. Over these years we have created a culture for quality, beyond the ordinary. It is important for us to create valuable jobs through inclusion and anchoring.


Carefully selected raw materials with exquisite quality are crucial when creating a lasting piece of furniture. This is why we obtain our components and materials from our partners in close proximity to our factory. This enables ut to monitor and control the processing of raw materials into finished products, wich is essential for making a high quality product.