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Kirsten Visdal and her Modell 711 chairs

Kirsten Visdal is one of Norway’s most renowned interior stylists and is known for her persistent work to retain traditional Norwegian craftsmanship and her love of Norwegian design.

We got to visit her in the beautiful house in Bærum where Kristen and her husband recently had refurbished the living room. In relation to this, they needed a couple of new armchairs. They decided on our Model 711 designed by Fredrik A. Kayser.

«We wanted two classic armchairs that where very comfortable. It is a very well-crafted chair that has a sleek look but at the same time is a bit masculine. But I would call the chair unisex, and it is not an easy task to design such a chair. It makes both me and my husband like it and for us it meets several criteria that few other chairs can beat»

«It is also about choosing and supporting Norwegian design and production, something that more people should do. It is definitely an investment, but you know that when you buy a quality piece, the product will become more beautiful over time even with wear and tear. This was important to us because we wanted this to be something that our children could inherit. Now they can each have their own Model 711 as a memory from their childhood home»

In the big and airy living room, it was important to find a chair that was beautiful from all angles. Kirsten wanted something with a graphic and sculptural silhouette. Therefore, the choice fell on black-stained oak and black leather. Which gives exactly this expression.

Photos by Pernille Münster

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