As a third-generation company, our passion is to create products with first-class design, quality and comfort. It has been important ever since it all started in 1940. Therefore, we take good care of our precious heritage, work closely with skilled designers, and produce all our furniture at our own factory in Sykkylven.

A crucial part of our collection are our Norwegian design icons, all of which are an important part of Norwegian design history. These three chairs were designed between 1960 and 1971, but are just as relevant today, if not more relevant than ever!

Model 711 – Fredrik A. Kayser, 1960


Even though it was designed over 60 years ago, the chair is just as relevant today and stands strong as a Norwegian design icon. The Nordic aesthetics make the chair easily adapt to modern architecture. But a chair is nothing without high comfort, the angle of the chair makes you sit correctly and comfortably.

Light, modern and functional are all characteristics of Fredrik A. Kayser’s design. Model 711 shows clear references to Danish design and radiates good craftsmanship. Kayser designed the chair in 1960 and the same year he won first prize in the chair competition for the Industry Council for Furniture.


Read more about Model 711 here

Siesta – Ingmar Relling, 1965


The soft cushions make the Siesta the typical loungechair, but the simple frame gives the chair a feeling of lightness. The cushions and the flexible frame together provide a very high level of seating comfort. The result? Siesta is the perfect chair for relaxation, the perfect chair for a classic siesta.


It was in 1965 that Ingmar Relling designed his largest creation: the Siesta chair. The chair played an important role in the growth and international success of the Norwegian furniture industry in the middle of the 20th century. Today, Siesta stands out as an internationally recognized classic and a Norwegian design icon.


Siesta comes in four varieties; Siesta Classic, Siesta Fiora, Siesta Trio and the latest addition to the Siesta family: Siesta Ovis

Falcon – Sigurd Resell, 1971


The story started in 1971 when Sigurd Resell designed the chair with strong inspiration from the classic hammock. The chair’s construction ensures a nice movement and creates a unique seating comfort. With its timeless and elegant expression, it fits into most interiors.


Sigurd Resell had a solid carpentry education with him before he studied at the Norwegian School of Crafts and Design. He designed some of the shapeliest furniture of the post-war period and is known for his furniture designs in steel. In 1970, the Industry Council invited to the furniture competition «A piece of furniture». Sigurd Resell received second prize for the Blankvals armchair. The chair, which was later named Falcon, has become one of the most famous Norwegian furniture icons around the world.


Falcon comes in two varieties; Falcon First and Falcon Phoenix