Sustainability - Hjelle


We all want to make sustainable and good choices. Ever since 1940, we at Hjelle have been producing our furniture at our own factory in Sykkylven, Norway. Our transparent business model ensures you as a customer, full transparency regarding materials and place of production. Our company has long traditions and is aimed at longevity in everything we do.

In order to reduce the footprint of our products as much as possible, we work continuously to be more efficient in use of resources. This means developing and producing products with a long-life cycle and makes for the least possible environmental impact.

Producing locally

Our most important partners are located within a radius of 89 km around our factory in Sykkylven. Here we obtain everything from foam, steel, wood and packaging. We have a unique and competent environment around us. This proximity to the production enables us to monitor and control the processing of raw materials into finished products. This is absolutely essential in terms of delivering furniture in a sustainable way.

Timeless design

The Hjelle collection consists of Norwegian design icons that have stood the test of time through various eras and fashion trends. Proudly we tell the story behind our products, and what the designer succeeds in creating, to the delight of so many.

In the development of tomorrow’s classics, we collaborate with skilled designers. You as a customer should experience love for the design and feel the quality and comfort. Everything that characterizes an icon made for generations to come.


A long-life cycle is the very core of a sustainability. In addition to iconic design, many of Hjelle products’ life cycles can be extended because of replaceable components. With simple steps, you can in many cases, extend the life of the product by many years.

In addition, we place emphasis on being able to sort the product at source, so that the raw materials can again be used for product production and a new life cycle.