Welcome FALCON - Hjelle

Welcome FALCON

It is with great enthusiasm to announce that the FALCON chair will be part of the Hjelle collection from June 1st. We will take over the production from Vatne Møbler AS, which has produced the chair since the relaunch in 2017. With its elegant and timeless expression, FALCON has become one of the most famous furniture icons and has had great success, internationally as well.

The story started in 1971 when Sigurd Ressell designed the chair, with inspiration from, among other things, the hammock. The chair’s construction provides a nice movement and a unique seating comfort. The chair was an immediate success and was for many years the most important product for Vatne Møbler.

FALCON will further enrich the Hjelle collection and will be in good company with our other classics. FALCON’s timeless design, low transport volume and replaceable parts, means that the chair has an unlimited life cycle that reduces environmental impact.

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All pictures by Henrik Fjørtoft