Form, quality and comfort

The essence of Hjelle is to always create beautiful, timeless Scandinavian pieces that will last for generations to come – in form, quality and comfort. That is why we look closely after our precious heritage, work closely with great designers and make all our furniture at our own factory in Norway.


Our company runs on family lines. Our passion for long-lasting furniture and our pride in making first-class craftsmanship were passed down from our forefathers. All our furniture is still made in Norway, and they are all meant to last for generations to come.

Our story

Our designers

Hallgeir Homstvedt

After completing his studies in Australia in 2006, Hallgeir Homstvedt started to work for the prominent design studio Norway Says. That was also when his collaboration with Hjelle started. But it didn't end there. His designs for Hjelle has resulted in distinctive furniture highly loved by our customers.

Anderssen & Voll

The design studio Anderssen & Voll works within various fields of design for a number of international clients. They are known for their ground-breaking and desirable products for their clients. Products with the same characteristics are also strongly represented in Hjelle's collection.

Fredrik A. Kayser

Fredrik A. Kayser (1924-1968) graduated from the Norwegian National College of Art & Design in 1945 and became one of Norway’s most respected designers during the era Scandinavian Design. Today you can find Kayser's icon Modell 711 in Hjelle's collection.